David Penman the owner of the luxury Hepburn Springs getaway Clifftop has been charged by police with using a carriage device to harass and menace a potential customer, business man Matthew Taylor, following a dispute about a booking cancellation.

Reportedly, Mr Taylor left a negative, one star rating in June last year following a pricing dispute that he says led to an abrupt cancellation. Allegedly a series of abusive and threatening messages to Mr Taylor followed from Mr Penman.

Mr Penman is due to appear in court next February where it is understood he will dispute the charges.

Mr Penman was involved an earlier dispute with a customer when he sued Kaleen Dalliston for defamation after she posted a critical online review following a cancellation and refund dispute resulting from a COVID lockdown.

Mr Penman claimed his business reputation had been damaged by Ms Dalliston’s posts and that she had failed to point out that she had been offered a full refund.

The dispute with Ms Dalliston was later resolved when both parties reached an undisclosed settlement.