The Spring Racing Carnival was celebrated at Daylesford Riding for the Disabled last week.

RDA Daylesford started operating again on 8th October after months of lockdown and riders and volunteers made the most of Melbourne Cup Week last Friday participating in the Daylesford Cup and Fashions on the Arena.

Riders participated in four races designed to test and demonstrate various equestrian skills, with the highlight being the Daylesford Cup. Riders have to carry a cup of water over a 50m distance, with the winner being the rider who finishes fastest and spills the least water. Winning jockeys were Lainey (advanced), Lil (intermediate) and Isobella (Beginner).

Millinery was the order of the day with Billie winning Best Hat for riders, Liesl with the Best Volunteer Hat and Wendy a worthy runner -up.

Coming back after COVID riders and volunteers were pleased to see our updated ramp – materials were funded by the Community Bank Daylesford and District and the construction labour was donated by the father of a younger rider, Isobella. The ramp has made a huge difference to both the riders’ capacity to mount as independently as possible and to the horses welfare.

RDA grateful to both the Community Bank Daylesford and District and to Alan for the support.

RDA will finish up for 2021 on 10th December. Enquiries about riding or volunteering in 2022 can be made to