Victor Szwed

Last week, we published the second in a series of quizzes to encourage you to explore our region and our amazing Shire. The quiz included four new photos of objects, buildings, sculptures and scenery around our Shire. How did you do? The answers are below.

Photo 5. Clue: Love’s Brother came this way.

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Photo 5: The Old Macaroni Factory at Hepburn Springs. This was Australia’s first pasta making establishment built in 1859 by Giacamo Lucini and his brother Pietro. Giacomo’s Great Granddaughter, Maria Viola, restored this heritage building. Maria has run an Italian Restaurant there and was closely involved in the Hepburn Springs Swiss and Italian Festa. Love’s Brother, which was released in 2004, had many segments filmed at this site and in various other locations in the region. It is a film well worth watching.

Photo 6. Clue: On the highway with Lyn.

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Photo 6: The Highway is Midland and Lyn is Newlyn. The Fraser farm is on the left, opposite the sports ground as you drive from Daylesford through this picturesque town. Currently you can see Pinocchio residing on the farm (next to the photo segment) as part of the protest against major powerlines being planned to go through the area. Potatoes grown in the rich volcanic soil of Newlyn district have much more flavour and minerals than those grown in sandy soil with lots of water. Worth comparing where your spuds come from. Buy local.

Photo 7. Clue: Did the plumber read the plans wrong?

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Photo 7: The Police lock-up located behind the former Police Station in Camp Street was decommissioned in 1969. It was built in 1858 when the Courthouse was constructed. An interpretive sign provides lots of information. Some long-time locals can recall spending a night there after drinking too much alcohol in the local pubs. Do you know how many Pubs there were in Daylesford?

Photo 8. Clue: Photo 7 will lead you there.

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Photo 8: Head back towards Camp Street and you will see this incinerator behind the former Police Station and Residence. What did the Police burn in that? The State Government has been looking at selling the old Police Station once it reaches agreement with the traditional land owners of our region. Some ideas floated include: it could make a good Community facility to complement the Neighbourhood Centre or it be used for affordable housing. Unfortunately, these would require considerable funds to be found and so far there has been little momentum.


Victor Szwed is a Daylesford resident who contributes regular columns to The Wombat Post.