It has been a wet winter and recent warm weather has resulted in rapid growth of vegetation. But this creates more fuel and higher danger for the summer fire season.


In order to encourage residents to clean up their properties in preparation for fire season, Council offers FREE green waste disposal at transfer stations in Daylesford, Creswick and Trentham. The campaign only applies to residential properties within the Shire and excludes commercial quantities of waste. Remember to bring proof of residency.


It’s also a good time to clear overhanging branches and vegetation in yards and along the footpaths in front of properties. It’s important to keep walkways clear for people who rely on accessible walkways – people with wheelchairs or prams, older adults with mobility devices and people with a vision impairment.


And while you’re at it, review your fire plan. Last year we had a mild and relatively wet summer without a single day of Total Fire Bans for the Central District. Some of us may have become complacent. Review your Fire Plan and any essential equipment.