The Department of Treasury and Finance (DTF), on behalf of DELWP, has proposed that parcel of land between 70 and 72 Grenville Street, Daylesford, be rezoned residential and sold to one of the adjacent landowners. DELWP has determined that the lot is surplus to the Victorian Government’s current and future requirements.

The lot, currently zoned as Public Park and Recreation Zone would be rezoned General Residential Zone to facilitate sale at the highest possible price.

The site does not have street access to Grenville Street so sale of the land would be limited to the owners of adjoining properties at a price no less than the Valuer General’s valuation.

However, the south-west corner of the property includes an historic railway embankment built in 1877 for the Daylesford steam train and in use until 1953. The track along the embankment is now used by the CFA, emergency vehicles and Cornish Hill management vehicles to access the eastern part of Cornish Hill Reserve. It is also used by local walkers accessing Cornish Hill and the Lerderderg Track to Jubilee Lake. Sale of the land would block access to the existing track.

Chairman of the Cornish Hill Committee of Management, Ed Butler, expressed disappointment and concern at the proposal. “The track is the only fire and maintenance access for that part of the Cornish Hill Reserve,” he said. “We are angry about the total lack of consultation. If this goes ahead, this piece of public land will never return to public ownership.”

The Minister for Planning has referred the proposal to the independent Government Land Standing Advisory Committee for consideration and to provide recommendations on the suitability of the proposed planning scheme changes.

Submissions can be made through the Participate Victoria website. Submissions are open until 5pm Monday 11 October 2021. Following the submission period, the Committee will conduct a public hearing if required at which those who make a submission may also make a presentation.

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