Council has awarded its one-off Youth Space Activation Grants awarding a total of $40,000 to five groups in the Shire to support dedicated youth spaces.

Grant recipients will improve social options for young people, enhancing current spaces and developing new dedicated youth spaces.

The projects align with Council’s Youth Strategy 2016-2021 – Social Theme: Space Activation.

Congratulations to the following recipients:

Hepburn Region Blue Light was awarded $8000 toward the $13,000 cost of a Mobile Youth Café. The movable outdoor creative café space will allow youth to engage in various settings. as well as teaching skills to young people and creating an income stream to support other youth events.

Central Highlands Rural Health was awarded $8.000 toward the $13,000 cost of a youth mobile BBQ, to activate youth community spaces across the Hepburn Shire.

Trentham Neighbourhood Centre was awarded $8,000 for the redevelopment of outdoor space at TNC to provide an inviting, comfortable and visible outdoor gathering place in the heart of Trentham. The total projects is projected to cost $27,774.

Creswick Theatre Company received funding for their DEEP DIG Theatre Youth Project. This is a pilot program to highlight, develop and celebrate youth skills in the areas of theatre and performance at the Creswick Courthouse Theatre. The Company was awarded $8,000 toward the $17,450 of the project.

Clunes Neighbourhood House received $8,000 for youth-led enhancement to existing spaces. the project “Our Touch is designed to help young people add their own touch to existing outdoor spaces in Clunes. Council contributed $8,000 to the projected $16,500 project cost.

It is worth noting that there were no projects in Daylesford/Hepburn which receive funding.

Projects will be implemented over the next six months.