Marion (Maz) Ellis

Dear me,

Let me be the first to congratulate you on your recent achievement.  I must say I am extremely proud to be associated with this year’s winner of the Fluff Buck Award in recognition of your amazing work in this area.  I know you will accept this award with some cynicism, as ‘playing the game’ in order to market your brand and recruit and train new Fluff Buckers to eliminate the worlds’ Clod Hoppers.

I have followed closely your meteoric rise to becoming the world’s best Fluff Bucker in less than three years.  With only a big heart and a desire to support the future of the world, you started a business set up to convert one Clod Hopper at a time to Buck Up.

And look what you have achieved in such a short time! You and your growing Fluff Buckers have helped so many thousands of troubled souls: bringing joy to the gloomy glumps, relaxation to the tightly strung, acceptance to the oversensitive, broadmindedness to bigots, a generous spirit to the miserly and, last but not least, legislating to prohibit the feeding of Brussel sprouts to children under the age of 45.

While I wish you all the success you deserve, I am also writing this letter to warn you against complacency.  There is still so much to be done!  I urge you to remain strong and continue your work to tackle the really big battles. In the immediate future, Fluff Buckers will need to be able to tackle the really big Clods, such as climate change sceptics, antivaxxers and the prophets of doom.  World-wide Fluffiness may not be enough!


Marion (Maz) Ellis is a member of the Daylesford U3A Writers’ Circle.