Gordon Nightingale

Janis Joplin told us once,
“I got dem ol’ Kozmic Blues.”
We can sympathise with Janis,
We could be walking in her shoes.
So let me tell you, Janis,
And you can listen if you choose,
Our problem is worse than yours,
We got dem ol’ Pandemic Blues.

Albert Hammond sang about
His “Smokey Factory Blues.”
But we can’t even go to work
Or even slip out for some booze.
So we have a new song for you, Albert,
And you can record it if you choose.
Title fits the situation it’s called,
“The Murky Lockdown Blues.”

Eric Clapton pleaded hard,
“Give Me Some Brickyard Blues.”
We’re really sorry Eric,
But, your request we must refuse.
We’ve got problems of our own,
That we’d really like to lose.
You are welcome to them if you want,
They’re called, “Dem Ol’ Pandemic Blues.”

Rory Gallagher borrowed cash,
And got the “Loanshark Blues”.
At least when he took that risk
It was his risk to choose.
But here we are in lockdown,
We had no choice to refuse,
And that is why we’re suffering from
“Dem Ol’ Pandemic Blues”.

Gordon Nightingale is a local author and poet and the convenor of the Daylesford U3A Writers’ Circle.