At its meeting this week, Council approved a licence for the Daylesford Field and Game Association to use the Glenlyon Recreation Reserve for their activities subject to certain conditions.

The Glenlyon Recreation Reserve is a mixed-use public recreation reserve which has been utilised by a clay target shooting club for over 40 years. The Reserve is used by multiple groups for horse riding, mixed sports, small vintage engines, antique fairs, events and other activities.

Clay target shooting was suspended at the Reserve after the EPA identified potential soil contamination in September 2019. Under a Clean Up Notice (CUN) issued to Council by the EPA, Council is required to develop a Clean Up Plan (CUP) to be submitted to the EPA by 11 October 2021.

As part of the CUP, it is a requirement that an Environmental Management Plan is produced to mitigate future contamination. This is to be developed by the DF&G at their expense and submitted to the EPA by 23 December. The EMP will be included as a condition of the licence to ensure no further contamination will occur.

Colin John, Secretary of the DF&G Association, was pleased with the decision. “Given the circumstances, I think it’s a pretty fair decision,” said Mr John. We’ve been aware that changes were needed to protect the environment. More than ten years of research has gone into finding environmentally friendly solutions for the sport.”

To minimise environmental impact, steel shot embedded in a bio degradable wad has been developed to replace lead shot. The steel shot used by itself would damage the gun barrel so it is encased in a wad which contains the shot until it exit the barrel. The shot will rust and the wad will degrade after exposure to water.

“We’re not the first club to need to respond to environmental concerns,” said Mr Johns. “We’re on top of it.”

The licence limits DF&G use to one day per month between 9:00 am and 5:00 pm with special conditions including public access control, use of environmentally friendly targets and shots, removal of waste. Council will monitor compliance and will have the power to terminate the licence for non-compliance.