Central Highlands Rural Health’s Respiratory Assessment Clinic in Daylesford recently passed a major milestone with more than 5,000 tests taken since the onset of COVID-19.

The clinic opened in May 2020 and has seen a steady stream of patients throughout the pandemic.

Central Highlands Rural Health CEO Maree Cuddihy praised the nursing staff for their hard work. “The testing team in Daylesford have provided a fantastic service to our local community, ensuring everyone has access to quick and easy testing in a safe, professional and friendly setting,” she said. “We’re really proud of the service we offer our local community.”

Ms Cuddihy confirmed that recent testing numbers in Daylesford have been high due to Victoria’s latest outbreak.

“We’re a little bit late in celebrating this milestone as we’ve been incredibly busy over the last few weeks – it’s been hard to find a moment to get the team together. We’re now done more than 5,300 tests – but that doesn’t have quite the same ring, so we’re celebrating 5,000! We’re really proud of this achievement, not just for our staff but for our whole community. It truly demonstrates the Hepburn Shire’s commitment to beating this virus,” Ms Cuddihy said.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, Central Highlands Rural Health has carried out more than 30,000 tests across its Respiratory Assessment Clinics in both Daylesford and Kyneton. The clinics continue to test patients with symptoms related to the Coronavirus or as directed by the Victorian Department of Health.