What is the $250 Electric Power Saving Bonus?

The $250 Power Saving Bonus is a one-off $250 payment to provide direct support to vulnerable Victorian households experiencing energy bill stress due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. The $250 Power Saving Bonus will be available to over 900,000 eligible Victorian households with at least one eligible concession cardholder. Eligible households can access the Power Saving Bonus by visiting the Victorian Energy Compare website or applying through a participating community organisation.

To be eligible to apply for the $250 Power Saving Bonus, applicants must be able to meet the following eligibility requirements:

  • They must be a Victorian residential energy consumer (i.e. have a residential electricity account).
  • They must be receiving payments under one of the following concession programs:
    • Centrelink Pensioner Concession
    • JobSeeker, Youth Allowance, Abstudy or Austudy
    • Department of Veterans Affairs Pensioner Concession
    • Department of Veterans Affairs Gold Card

Note: if the applicant is in a shared household, they can still apply even if the account is not in their name. They just need to prove they live there.  One rebate per household will apply.

The Daylesford Neighbourhood Centre can help!

The Daylesford Neighbourhood Centre (DNC)  is participating in the Power Saving Bonus program. While consumers are able to apply for the bonus online, DNC is targeting those who may not have access to the internet or internet enabled devices.

If you are eligible for the bonus and need assistance to apply, please feel free to contact the DNC on (03) 53483569 or via email admin@dncentre.org.au.  DNC are taking face to face appointments during the following times to assist eligible people apply for their bonus:

  • Tuesdays 2-3pm
  • Thursdays 11-1pm