Last week, the State Government announced seven Community Power Hubs across Victoria with Daylesford’s community wind farm, Hepburn Wind, being successful in hosting the ‘Hepburn Branch’ of the regional Grampians Community Power Hub. The Grampians Community Power Hub will be led by Ballarat Renewable Energy and Zero Emissions (BREAZE Inc.) who were part of the initial Hub pilot program.

These Hubs, funded by Sustainability Victoria, will be supporting communities to create new energy projects that are designed to benefit the local region. These benefits range from reduced bills for community spaces and places to new job opportunities in regional areas and to more mid-scale projects like our own wind farm.

In Hepburn, the aim is to support community facilities, public housing, businesses, farms, and the broader community to become more energy efficient and reduce their energy expenses.

Projects will meet the specific needs of local communities, ranging from support for solar on key buildings, energy audits and tailored upgrades.

These actions will make sure that Daylesford and Hepburn Springs are on a pathway to zero-net emissions by 2030 and reaping the benefits on offer.

The first step for the Hepburn Branch is connecting eligible community facilities with the new Community Climate Change and Energy Action Program, from Sustainability Victoria.

This program has two streams:

  • Stream one: complete an audit worth up to $5,000 to assess what a facility might need, and
  • Stream two: implementation funding up to $25,000 or $50,000 depending on the type of project. (A 50% cash contribution from the applicant is necessary.)

It can be difficult to apply for grants, especially when they require considerable technical information and expertise. Hepburn Wind is offering to support eligible groups and facilities to get quotes, apply for grants, deliver projects and seek co-funding where needed.

If you work with or know of a community facility please fill in the form at this link or email

Eligible types of facilities include, but are not limited to:

  • church schools
  • churches
  • community child care centres
  • cultural organisations
  • environmental protection organisations
  • neighbourhood associations
  • public museums and libraries
  • scholarship funds
  • scientific organisations
  • scouts
  • sports clubs
  • surf lifesaving clubs
  • traditional service clubs
  • not-for-profit aged care homes
  • homeless shelters
  • disability service organisations
  • universities and colleges
  • animal welfare organisations

Hepburn Wind is looking forward to supporting you and the region’s transition to zero net emissions.