Term 3 is just around the the corner and once again, DNC have some great offerings.  Food Safety, RSA and First Aid are back on the agenda, as well as poetry classes and Tai Chi classes.

New for Term 3 is Basic Meditation Techniques class which goes in to the techniques involved in learning to meditate.  This is a great way of learning the basics involved in meditating.

Also new for Term 3 is Introduction to Aromatherapy with Margaret McConvill.  Margaret is an expert in her field and this course will teach you about using and incorporating essential oils into your every day life.  This is an ACFE sponsored course, so eligibility criteria will apply. DNC also has news of a fully-funded course specific to the health industry.  Details below.

For more information on all offerings, see the DNC Term 3 Brochure.

Poetic Treasures of Sufism

Join local author Alice Melike Ülgezer exploring the poetic and mystical traditions of Islam. The course opens with an exploration of pre-Islamic Bedouin poetry and moves on to the development of Islam and the mystical traditions, poets and saints of Central Asia, Iran and Turkey. It concludes with some modern Middle Eastern poets and a film screening by a director steeped in the Sufi Poetic.

Alice Melike Ülgezer is a published author of one novel, poetry, essays short fiction etc.  Alice has  an academic background in Islamic mysticism as well as being of Islamic descent.

When:   Saturdays from 17th July
Time  :  10.30am-11.45am
Cost  :   $153 or $108 conc


Tai Chi for Beginners

Wu Style Tai Chi, a gentle and slow but exacting form of exercise, based on an ancient Chinese tradition. It is suitable for all age groups and helps support flexibility, concentration, memory and balance, and also inner peace. Some practice at home will be advisable. Wear comfy clothes and soft soled shoes or slippers.


Beginners’ class on 1st & 3rd Thurs of the month.    Classes run for 60 mins.  No previous experience required.  For more information about Tai Chi for
Beginners, please call Gudrun on 0490 053 521When:    1st & 3rd Thursday
Time:      10.15am
Cost:       $15 per session



DNC is putting a call out for EOI in this Skills for Work & Study Program: Health Services.   It is envisaged this course will run through Term 4 if enough people register interest.  This will be a free, fully-funded ACFE course.

This is an 80hr literacy and numeracy course contextualized to the health sector.  The course is delivered over 8hrs per week, over a 10 week period.   The pre-accredited course aims to improve the L&N skills of learners.  The course focuses on developing skills in learning, reading, writing, speaking listening and numeracy, whilst drawing on subject matter and materials from the health sector.  This course will support learners to access pathways to further pre-accredited or accredited training and ultimately lead to employment.   Taking part in the course also enables learners to assess whether potential employment in this sector is suitable for them.


PREREQUISITES:      Learners require basic computer literacy and an interest in working in the health care sector.

OUTCOMES:    After completing this course, learners will:

  • Develop a basic understanding of the health care sector
  • Develop understanding of entry level roles and training/employment pathways
  • Understand and use essential vocabulary for learning and employments in the health sector
  • Demonstrate some improvement or measurable gain in L&N skills
    Improve communication skills for further study and employment
  • Recognise and develop employment goals
  • Develop learning and employment goals
  • Develop digital literacy skills for learning and communication in the workplace
  • Develop awareness of self as a learner
    Experience success in learning
  • Develop self-confidence and a willingness to learn
  • Determine whether training and employment in the health sector is a suitable pathway

To Register your interest or check eligibility, email us at   admin@dncentre.org.au