On the 17 May 2021, Council’s Artisan Agriculture project hosted a farm walk for producers, growers and farmers to demonstrate regenerative farming and how these practices can be applied on a farm.

More than 35 attendees, from backgrounds including viticulture, egg production, flower farming, berries, vegetables, cropping and livestock production heard from several

Hosts Natalie Hardy and Jono Hurst from Brooklands Free Range Farm (Blampied), Jade Killoran from Healthy Farming Systems and Jason McAinch from neighbouring Macedon Ranges Shire Council shared their firsthand experience of cropping blends, sowing rates per hectare, grazing densities as well as worm tea applications.

Mayor, Cr Lesley Hewitt, said that with many producers and farmers new to regenerative practices, there was plenty of time to network and ask questions.

“Producers and farmers enjoyed the informal program of a farm walk, along with the opportunity to hear from experienced practitioners and each other,” said Cr Hewitt.

“The benefits of having an agriculture project in our Shire helps us to believe that our local area is committed to keeping agriculture in the Shire and helping it to thrive. This project helps farmers in the Hepburn shire to connect with each other and feel less isolated. This project has helped our farm break a lot of barriers to our success by having a sounding
board for us to go to for up to date and accurate information,” said Claire and Peter Monea from Morningswood Farm at Eganstown. “Regenerative agriculture in our opinion is vital to the survival of farming. It’s effectiveness at buffering against adversity has been proven time and time again. It looks at farming as being a part of the whole instead of just being a solo plot of land amongst a landscape, including nature and the natural environment and encouraging connectivity and inclusion.“

Hepburn Shire Council acknowledged the support and funding provided by Agriculture Victoria for the three-year project.

For further information regarding the Artisan Agriculture Project, contact Sharon Hebbard (Mobile: 0456 610 261 or email: shebbard@hepburn.vic.gov.au)