Hepburn Z-NET has launched a new publication, a comprehensive guide for the Shire to reach zero-net emissions in the agriculture sector.

In the Hepburn Shire, agricultural emissions are a critical piece of the zero-net puzzle, representing 41% of the Shires total emissions. Over the past few months the Z-NET Roundtable has been working with farmers and experts to produce a guide to draw these emissions down.

Cutting emissions from agriculture is often seen as challenging in comparison to other sectors but the Z-NET Roundtable says this doesn’t have to be the case. Their new strategy makes it clear that there is a large opportunity for farms to reduce their emissions and build carbon sinks with some significant but simple changes.

Z-NET Roundtable member and local farmer Tammi Jonas stated “’Farmers everywhere – nowhere more so than here in the Central Highlands of Victoria – are working to reduce our reliance on fossil fuels and agricultural inputs, and to manage livestock in ethical and ecologically-sound ways that draw down carbon emissions. The more we work together to share our strategies for zero emissions and carbon sequestration, the quicker the transition will be!”.

Hepburn Shire Council Mayor Cr Lesley Hewitt stated “We have a productive agricultural sector here in Hepburn Shire. Cutting emission in this sector of our economy is an important part of achieving our emission reduction targets. Council, through its support for Z-NET, will be working with farmers to support them in reducing emissions and becoming a more sustainable industry.”

The guide offers detailed information on reducing emissions from fossil fuels, livestock, land use, soil carbon and agricultural inputs. There is also supporting information about the actions already underway in the Shire and how farmers can be involved.

To launch the guide, a webinar will be held on Thursday 24th June at 12pm hosted by Farmers for Climate Action. Interested participants can register here .

This project was made possible by the support of Creswick and District Community Bank, Hepburn Wind, Hepburn Shire Council, Sustainability Victoria and Renew. For more information, you can access the guide “How Hepburn Shire Farms can Reach Z-NET” on the Hepburn Z-NET website.