Trentham Sustainability Group has been funded $9,895 for their Trentham Carbon Forestry Project and will work in partnership with the central highlands-based company, wood4good, to engage with local landholders to deliver the project.

Funded by the Hepburn Wind Impact Fund, the project will seek to support the growth of local woodlots that practice regenerative forestry. Regenerative forestry involves planting new trees, protecting some existing trees while selectively harvesting others. This approach can enhance carbon sequestration, improve biodiversity and build sustainable sources of firewood and construction materials.

Sebastian Klein, who is driving the Trentham Carbon Forestry Project sees multiple benefits for landowners and other stakeholders, “Regenerative approaches to forestry can deliver financial benefits to property owners as well as benefits to local ecosystems and the wider environment” he said.

The project will work closely with community members and will include workshops to engage landholders and produce a booklet to assist other districts and land managers interested in this forestry approach.  A successful information evening with Rowan Reid speaking on agroforestry was held in March to build local interest in the project.

Hepburn Wind Manager Taryn Lane stated, “This project is an important part of how our Shire can meet its ambition to reach zero-net emissions by 2030. Hepburn Z-NET is a collective effort and it’s exciting to see the local leadership from Trentham Sustainability Group to seek solutions to the tricky problem of firewood and the broader considerations of conservation and drawing down carbon.”.

In addition to community engagement, the program will be developing a carbon sequestration project and enrolling land owners with existing woodlots or an interest in establishing a woodlot for local firewood and timber production.

To find out more about the program, jump on the Hepburn Z-NET website here