Gordon Nightingale

Aimlessly drifting,
No true direction,
No future plans,
No interaction.
Where ever the wind blows,
So there go I.
Not in a hurry,
No need to fly.

Drifting along
Afloat in the stream,
The vaguest of visions,
As if in a dream,
Move through the mind,
Like ghosts in the night.
No fear or concerns,
No reasons to fight.

Drifting in time,
Letting things take their course,
No gentle persuasion,
No application of force,
Relaxed in the moment,
Easy come, easy go.
No need to be hasty,
Taking it slow.

No plan for the future,
Not even one for today.
Get up in the morning
And swing with the sway.
Where ever you find yourself
Is where you have to be.
Take a leaf from my book,
Just try it to see.

Unhappy you’re not!
No decisions to make,
No schedule to keep,
No measures to take.
Where will it lead to?
It worries you not.
Be happy in knowing
You’ve got what you’ve got.


Gordon Nightingale is a local author and poet and the convenor of the Daylesford U3A Writers’ Circle.