If you are a ratepayer experiencing financial hardship and are not able to pay your rates, please contact Council’s Finance Department on (03) 5348 2306 to discuss your payment arrangement options.

Council has adopted its updated Revenue Collection and Financial Hardship Policy, outlining how it will assist people who are having difficulty paying their rates.

The policy gives flexibility to people who cannot afford to pay their rates monthly or quarterly, providing a Personalised Payment Plan which allows them to pay their rates by smaller, more regular payments.

Under the policy, payment plans will be available to people who are unable to pay rates on their primary residence, including farmers.

Council will work to make sure its assistance is reasonable, and applied appropriately, according to the circumstances.

Council has not charged interest on unpaid rates during the COVID pandemic. However, the penalty interest waiver will end on 30 June 2021. All ratepayers should check their rates payments are up-to-date prior to 30 June to avoid incurring an interest penalty.

The new Revenue Collection and Hardship Policy is available on Council’s website.