Mayors and Shire Councillors are entitled to receive an allowance for performing their duties as elected officials. The maximum level for allowances is set by the Victorian Government. Hepburn currently sets allowances at the maximum level permitted for a small rural Council.

The Mayor is currently paid $68,594.24 per year  and Councillors are paid $22,960, less 9.50% superannuation.

Councillors are required to review their allowances and propose the level of their allowances for this term of Council. They are then required to call for public submissions on their proposals and consider them before making a final determination.

Following a recommendation from Council Officers, Councillors have proposed that their allowances for this term of Council remain the same.

Public submissions on this recommendation have been called and will close on June 15. Councillors will make a final determination on their allowances on June the 29th.

In the future the Victorian Government has amended the rules for setting allowances so that they will be set by an independent tribunal.