Gordon Nightgale

Boy off skateboard, skin off knee.

Mum says, “Come here, let me see.”

Disinfect and make it clean,

Better get the Betadine.

Girl trips on the concrete path,

Hands and knees the damage vast.

She begins to cry a veritable scream!

Better let mum Betadine.

Husband head down in the car,

Trying to fix the carburettor.

Spanner slips, skin off knuckles,

Stumbles back and left knee buckles.

Come down hard on concrete floor,

Blood on hands and arms and more.

He shouts expletives quite obscene;

Better get the bloody Betadine.

Two bat wings, an eye of newt,

Scrapings from a witches boot,

Lizards blood and kerosene,

A better bet is Betadine.

So if you get a graze or cut,

Please don’t use just any muck,

No greasy antiseptic cream,

Apply the better Betadine.