Viral fragments of COVID-19 have been detected in wastewater samples recently taken from the inlet to wastewater treatment plants at Daylesford and Benalla.

This follows the detection of viral fragments in Moonee Ponds Main and Ringwood South Branch sewer catchments announced earlier this week.

Given the prolonged period of no community transmission in Victoria and absence of local cases in these areas, these are most likely due to a person or people who are not infectious but are shedding the virus.

Victoria’s wastewater testing program is designed to provide early warning of COVID-19, and the possibility that someone is in the early phase of the virus cannot be ruled out.

People who live in or have visited the Daylesford area from 10 to 12 April, or the Benalla area from 10 to 15 April, should monitor for symptoms of COVID-19 and get tested if any develop.