The completion of the Rex has been delayed again. The estimated completion date is now 13 September – a further three months later than planned last year. But it is unlikely this date will be met given the Council and the builder have not yet reached agreement about the condition of the building and previous works undertaken.

The builder has not yet commenced work because they consider the condition of the site is materially different from their inspection during the tender period. The builder was meant to start in January.

Council maintains the condition of the building is not materially different from the time of the tender inspection.

The building works for the Rex include a library, community auditorium, coworking space, customer service and council offices. The Project Budget is $7.130M and the building works were scheduled for completion on the 14 June 2020.

The Rex project has been the subject of repeated disputes, cost blow outs and delays over a number of years.

Council is again reviewing the project costs with the builder to see if savings can be made to address any concerns the builder may raise during the renovations. In the meantime, building works have not commenced and no start date has been set.