Gordon Nightingale

Arranged a meeting with the boss.
Boss went crazy as a loon.
“Can’t you see I’m busy, man?
Don’t bother me you buffoon.”

Every time I approach the boss
For the purpose of an increase in wages,
“Go take a running jump!” he roars,
(Haven’t had a raise in many ages.)

“It’s not fair!” I say, “Because I work so hard
Just to make ends meet.”
“Keep that up,” my boss advises,
“Leave my office now or hit the street.”

Maybe I should look around,
Now is actually quite a good time,
Opportunities everywhere;
Perhaps one of them could be mine.

Queer how some things happen,
Right when you need it most,
Suddenly, a great job offer
Turned up from a company on the coast.

Unless a better offer comes along,
Very likely, I will accept it.
With a company car supplied as well.
Xerox knowledge turned into profit.

Yes! I’ll definitely take up the offer, it’ll hold me in good stead.
Zoom me up now Scotty boy, A to Z to get ahead.

Gordon Nightingale is a local author and poet and the Convenor of the U3A Writers’ Circle.