Residents near the Daylesford waste facility have formed the Daylesford Waste Facility Action Group. They continue to have concerns that restrictions may be imposed despite winning their case to have that part of the Council planning scheme (DDO6) abandoned. They are concerned about the recent planning panel review report on the scheme.

In it’s report the Panel said, “given this component of the Amendment has been abandoned the Panel is not able to make any recommendations. However, the Panel notes that the future of buffers around the landfill facility are a a live issue for many residents. Given the potential implications for future residents the Panel support Council’s intention to resolve this matter in consultation with the EPA.”

Residents are concerned that Council may try again to impose a buffer on existing properties, potentially with the same restrictions on building, renovations, fencing and subdivisions. Councillors are being called on to make sure that restrictions are not imposed on existing residents at any of the Shire’s waste facilities.

There are calls for Council to complete a risk assessment for the tip site and all the Shire’s waste management facilities and then develop the Shire’s waste and resources strategy before any decision is made about the location and operation of waste and recovery facilities.

Residents want Council to make sure that waste and resource recovery facilities are located and operated so they have minimal impact on surrounding residents and the environment. They want to have a say during the development of the Shire’s waste management and resource recovery strategy. They maintain consultation with the EPA alone is not enough.


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