Some key statistics from Hepburn shire include:

  • 280 observers participated in the bird count, submitting 579 checklists.
  • Observers recorded a total of 16,134 individual birds during Bird Week.
  • 145 bird species were recorded. Hepburn Shire was notable for the high reporting rates for Australian Wood Duck and Crimson Rosella. These reflect the popularity of our Lakes for nature observation and the preference of Crimson Rosellas for cooler, hilly country.
  • Thirteen species of threatened bird species were recorded within the council boundaries during the event.

The most-counted species, the Australian Wood Duck, was reported in higher numbers than in most regions of the state or country (ranking 21st in the state and 19th in the country). Unusually large congregations of this species are often seen at local lakes, such as Lake Daylesford.

The second-most abundant species, the Australian Magpie, was also the second- most-counted species state-wide, and third-most-counted nationally, and the third-most- observed species, the Crimson Rosella was only the 17th-most-counted species in Victoria. The Long-billed Corella, in 10th place, was also reported in much higher numbers than the state- wide and national average. This species is distributed widely across Victoria and southern NSW and has been introduced to many other parts of the country, but is most abundant in its core range of central and western Victoria. The remaining species from the Top 10 were also ranked highly in state counts, reflecting the similarity of Hepburn Shire urban environments to other regional population centres in central and southern Victoria. The Common Myna (in 6th place) is the only introduced species to appear in the Council’s Top 10 this year, with the next-most abundant species being the Spotted Dove in 20th place.

This annual event allows everyone, from school children and their families to senior citizens and community groups — to become citizen scientists for one week every October.

Preliminary results of the Aussie Backyard Bird Count for the Daylesford and Hepburn Springs area were reported in The Wombat Post in October last year.

The next Aussie Backyard Bird Count will take place from 18 – 24 October 2021. Data from the report will inform Council biodiversity planning.


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