Interested in a good Vodka? Hepburn Distillery has won a gold medal in the Vodka category at the World Spirt Awards in London.

The Distillery is run by Basil Eliades and his family just up the road in Lyonville.  The Distillery makes vodka, whiskey and gin. It began only recently 2020 when Mr Eliades, an artist and writer, pursued his long-time interest in distilling spirits.

Mr Eliades said, “We sent three bottles to the UK (for judging) some months ago and basically forgot about it,”

“Then I found out the judging had happened and got an email saying saying we had won gold. I was genuinely running around the house. We were pretty rapt.

“We have been trying hard to make something special and really top grade and got some really positive comments from anyone who tried it. To be ranked on the world stage is amazing.”

Mr Eliades said he learned about distilling in Sweden when he was about 15 but only really focused on making spirits in the last few years. The Eliades use naturally grown, local materials free from chemicals. They run their stills on solar power. The packaging and labels are made from recycled paper and they compost their organic waste onsite. They offset their carbon footprint  with tree planting partnered Fifteen Trees.