Gordon Nightingale

Retirement is supposed to be peaceful,
Retirement is supposed to be slow,
Retirement is to give you the freedom,
With so many places to go.
The real truth about retirement;
It’s a truth that comes as a shock!
Instead of the promise of leisure time,
You’re constantly on the go ‘til you drop!

Retirement becomes time for volunteering,
For projects and hobbies galore,
And as soon as you think you have finished,
Somehow you can find even more.
Getting involved in committees,
Spending hours to discuss this and that,
Cups of coffee and bickies with neighbours,
And a jolly good gossipy chat.

Retirement is opportunity to travel,
Fly off to exotic destinations.
To Europe, Asia and darkest Peru;
Whatever fancy or inclination.
Passports, visas and travel agents,
Customs and other airport delay,
Waiting in long queues for hours on end,
Then can’t find your car in the long stay.

Retirement is continuous social life,
Finger food, cocktails and wine,
Invitations to so many functions
Laid out on your table in line.
“Shall we head off to Josephine’s party,
Have drinkies at Flo’s on the way?
Or champagne with Sue at the gallery
After lunch with Jen at the café?”

Retirement is fun with the grandkids.
See the kids and their dare-devil play,
At the skate park on scooters and bikes,
Ice cream and cakes at the end of the day.
The kids are all experts on computer,
Their game skills hold grandparents in awe.
The oldies were better at board games
Even that’s not the fact anymore.


Gordon Nightingale is a local author and poet and the convenor of the Daylesford U3A Writers’ Circle.