The Daylesford Repair Cafe is a community run pop-up space aimed at repairing things instead of throwing them away. Run on the 3rd Sunday of the month.

The next Repair Cafe will be held this Sunday (21 February), 1-4pm, Victoria Park Pavillion (off Daylesford-Ballan Rd)

With their team of fixers and supporters they are able to repair and mend:

  • clothes
  • bicycles
  • furniture
  • kitchen equipment
  • household appliances
  • gardening and workshop tools
  • electrical and music gear
  • precious items such as antique clocks
  • toys

They can also sharpen knives and tools.

At their March Cafe (21st March)  they’ll start their ‘Mending Broken Hearts’ table.

The Cafe serves coffee, tea and cakes along with conversations about how to repair and the economic viability of buying quality goods that can be repaired.

In addition to repairs, this year the Daylesford Repair Cafe will start a series of “how-to” workshops and practical demonstrations focusing on basic hand and machine sewing repairs to clothes, household and garden items, best ways to sharpen knives and tools and more.

They are always looking for new fixers who can do general repairs, sew, repair jewellery, mend shoes, weld, fix toys and anything else. So if you are interested contact them.

Lost trades skills and workshops are coming up throughout the year- for example crocheting, metal work, knitting, natural dyeing, furniture making, wooden toys and more.

Come and join the Repair Cafe team. You’ll help to reduce waste, make things last, learn and share skills and challenge planned obsolescence.

Gold coin donation

For more info:

Danny: 0488 604 231

Nikki: 0432 232 073