Despite hopes for a more normal year, the Victorian Government has not been able to prevent the spread of Covid 19 in quarantine. Another harsh lockdown across all of Victoria is now in place.

The Premier, Daniel Andrews said, “We are facing a new kind of enemy. A virus that is smarter, and faster, and more infectious. And until we have a vaccine, we need to do everything we can to keep this virus at bay.”

Until midnight Wednesday (February 17), there are only four reasons to leave home: caregiving, exercise, essential work and shopping for essentials. One person from each household can go shopping each day.

People are restricted to stay within a 5 km limit of their home. Regional Victorians may travel further than 5km to a shop or pharmacy if there are no closer options.

Face masks are required at all times outside the home.

No visitors are allowed in the home. No public gatherings are allowed. Most venues including restaurants, except for takeaway, have to close.

People are allowed away from home within the 5km limit for two hours each day for exercise. People may exercise with others from their own household or with one person from another household.

Schools will close but childcare and kindergartens will stay open.

These restrictions have been introduced to prevent the spread of the virus from the Holiday Inn quarantine facility. There are now 13 Covid cases linked to the outbreak.

Local disruption to community organisations and business is likely to be difficult at such short notice. A number of community organisations, including U3A, the Daylesford Neighbourhood Centre have already notified people they are cancelling all activities until Thursday next week.

For local business it means that restaurants will have to close except for takeaway. Accommodation, non essential retail, weddings, community facilities, markets, religious ceremonies, workplaces (apart from essential workers), real estate inspections and events are closed. Funerals can proceed with a maximum of 10 people.