The Daylesford and District Community News Association (DDCNA), publisher of The Wombat Post, held their AGM at the Daylesford Neighbourhood Centre on Thursday, February 11.

President Hal Swerissen, in speaking to the Annual Report, noted that the first year of The Wombat Post, because of COVID, had been very different from what had been envisaged in community meeting in 2019. The proposed print publication was considered logistically difficult and the current on-line format was developed. The on-line format proved fortuitous in the constantly changing environment of the pandemic.

Over 500 items have been published since the Post launched in April, 2020.  There have been between 600 and 1500 readers each week and a total of over 75,000 page visits.

Kate Redwood, who was a Shire Councillor at the time, initiated community meetings about the establishment of a community newspaper in mid-2019. Kate said, “The Wombat Post has exceeded all of my expectations. It has become a valuable asset for our community.”

At the AGM, Prof Hal Swerissen was re-elected President of the DDCNA. Kate Redwood was re-elected Treasurer. Board members elected were Mark Rak, Brett Millott, Celia Waldron and Tim Bach.