A survey is underway to seek community input for the development of the Daylesford Court House Reserve. The on-line survey is being conducted by Working Heritage, the site managers of the Reserve.
The old Court House now houses the Daylesford Neighbourhood Centre. Although many residents have visited the DNC, they may not realise that the property is an “axe handle” shape and that the reserve includes substantial parklands behind 15 and 17 Duke Street.
Working Heritage is responsible for the conservation and management of some of Victoria’s treasured places including the former Royal Mint in central Melbourne and a number of historic court houses in other country towns. Their role is to revitalise these places to ensure they have a purpose and are cared for into the future.
Funding for the works on these properties is generated by the places managed by Working Heritage.
Tenants who lease the spaces, such as the Daylesford Neighbourhood House, help to conserve cultural significance, develop compatible uses and adapt buildings to suit contemporary needs.
Working Heritage is a Committee of Management appointed by the Minister for Environment, Climate Change and Water under the Crown Land (Reserves) Act 1978 to manage heritage places on Crown Land.
The Community Survey is open until March 7, 2021.

Plan of the Daylesford Courthouse Reserve