The Lake Daylesford Swim Classic will be will run in a modified, COVID-safe format this year. Rather than an open-water “event”, the LDSC XII will be a do-it-yourself “Buddy Swim”.

Swim organiser, Dr Greg Stewart said, “many of the swims on the open-water calendar have either been cancelled or modified this year because of COVID restrictions. The events that are running are backed by large surf lifesaving clubs. We simply don’t have the resources to run an event that complies with current restrictions.”

To enter the event, participants will swim a self-timed 1.2km course sometime between February 14 and February 28 and then complete an on-line entry form to record the time, the date and the place that the swim was done.

“Of course, we’d prefer that people come to Daylesford, swim in the Lake and enjoy the beauty of the surrounding area,” said Dr Stewart, “but if that’s not possible, people can swim somewhere else, even in a pool!”

The organisers are emphasising safety especially after so many water accidents in Victoria this summer. “Swim with a buddy,” says Tim Bach, one of the organisers. “We’re willing to meet people for a swim around the Lake. We have our usual safety crew standing by with kayaks and surf lifesaving mals to escort swimmers or to swim with them. People are welcome to contact us to arrange a time to go for a swim.”

The Lake Daylesford course starts in line with the green post in front of the change rooms near the spillway. The course goes north to the landing at the north end of the lake, turns right  to the east landing below the Bridport Street Lookout then turns back around the Boathouse to the beach just north of the change rooms.

The Lake Daylesford Swim Classic course.

The Lake Daylesford Swim Classic  raises funds to support the La Faek Diak Foundation which runs a small medical clinic in Bacau, East Timor. The organisers are not able to run the usual raffle this year but the Foundation needs support more than ever because COVID has restricted their usual fund raising activities. Participants are encouraged to make a donation.

Participants who register a swim and make an on-line donation will go in the official LDSC record and the swim will be added to their LDSC total.

For more information, or to contact the organisers, see the LDSC Facebook page.