Gordon Nightingale

Echoes of Winter on the wind
Blowing in from the open ocean,
Reverberating in early Summer,
The waves moving in sympathetic motion.

Rhythmic pounding on the shore
On the rock shelf far below,
Lulling the senses into sleep.
Like steady breathing deep and slow.

Lean on the wooden veranda rail
In the cabin upon the cliff top.
The cold wind sharpens the senses,
Appreciating the serenity a lot.

It’s warm at the beach on the bay.
Summer sun defeating the breeze.
The sandals on sand squeaking in tune,
Stroll the shore, feel incredible ease.

See children find shells in the sand,
Their young faces delight in discovery.
Not only shells but cuttlefish as well,
Magic things they can find by the sea.

Always a delight for one to behold,
Is the sight of a kite in the sky.
It’s a colourful sail with a long red tail;
The boy guiding its flight runs on by.

The rock pools are teeming with life.
The clear water is home to small creatures.
Crabs scurry under a rock to find cover
As human eyes examining their features.

As the sun dips below hills to the west,
Dusk ending the day at the coast.
The family returns to the cliff-top cabin
To discuss who enjoyed it the most.

Gordon Nightingale is a local author and poet and the convenor of the Daylesford U3A Writers’ Group.