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The Hepburn Shire University of the 3rd Age is back in business for 2021. There is a wide range of activities to choose from.

There are language sessions (French, Italian, German), games (scrabble, table tennis, cryptic crosswords, Mah-Jong), creative pursuits (poetry, writing, painting, drawing, fibres, cooking, reading), exercise and wellbeing (stretching, mindfulness), bushwalking, educational and discussion sessions (indigenous history, ageing and aged care, digital skills).

A full range of options is available online at the revamped U3A website.

Term one starts at the beginning of February and goes through to beginning of April. U3A enrolments and membership renewals  are on Thursday January 28th,  10am for 10.30am start at the Senior Citizen’s Room at the back of the Town Hall in Vincent Street Daylesford.

Online applications are also available here.

U3A is one of the most well supported voluntary organisations in Daylesford and Hepburn Springs. It is a ‘university’ in the sense that it is a community of people interested in learning. Being in your 3rd age is the only qualification necessary to participate, and that in itself is a broad and inclusive category.