Gordon Nightingale 

Twenty Twenty
Did its worst
Was it a blessing?
Or was it a curse?

Lessons learnt
Problems solved
Once was young
Growing old

Not to worry
Time must pass
Every breath
Could be the last

So do what’s right
And right the wrongs
When things look bad
Just sing a song

Try to care
Be at peace
You’re still on top
Not underneath

Write a poem
Write a story
Keep it nice
Not crude and gory

The conservative mind
Definitely sick
Progressive thinking
Does the trick

Don’t be shy
Step to the fore
Don’t hold back
Ask for more

Eat good food
Drink fine wine
Keep in good health
And you’ll be fine

Try to love
Try to share
You’ll be welcome

Friends may come
And friends may go
Just be thankful
They were yours to know

Family ties
Hold them tight
Keep them in mind
When out of sight

Practice co-operation
When ever you can
Control your life
With a definite plan

Face the challenges
Take a stand
Give in not to
Unreasonable demand

Be always generous
Share the wealth
And above all of the above
Be yourself


Gordon Nightingale is a local author and poet and the convenor of the Daylesford U3A Writers’ Group.