Finally, live performances are back. 2020 has not seen much of that. Daylesford and Hepburn Springs are usually a microcosm of mini performances at the Town Hall, the Convent, the Palais, the Lake House and many other settings.

The return of the Melbourne Chamber Orchestra for two of Beethoven’s string quartets at the Daylesford Town Hall on the 12th of December sees the beginnings of a resurgence of live events. This is a welcome return for the MCO’s ongoing partnership with Daylesford.

For the music buffs, the concert is, of course, a celebration of Ludwig van Beethoven’s 250th anniversary. And who would not celebrate his achievements and impact. Beethoven was one of the great musical innovators of the transition from the classical to the romantic era. Which is why the MCO is overjoyed to be performing his work in early December in Daylesford.

Join a quintet of Melbourne Chamber Orchestra musicians for two of Beethoven’s exuberant, energetic, ebullient string quartets on 12 December at Daylesford Town Hall.

The MCO promises that with the the C minor quintet you will find “Beethoven in his favourite, Symphony No 5-esque, stormy key, for an epic transcription of his first piano trio. The contrasting C major trio is young Beethoven at his sunniest, charming best.”

The string quartets will be performed by a brilliant quintet of MCO musicians led by MCO’s Artistic Director, William Hennessy AM.

Bookings are essential to help manage numbers and risk due to COVID-19 prevention measures. Due to safety restrictions, only 60 seats are available. For bookings click here

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