A 1.6 km  section of Back Glenlyon Road at the Daylesford-Malmsbury Road end was dug up for resurfacing in March of 2020.  Although the plan was to finish resurfacing work before winter, works were suspended in late May due to weather and ground water.

The road is frequently used by cyclists trying to avoid the heavy traffic on the Daylesford-Malmsbury Road. Over the past six months, however, they needed to choose between the risks posed by high speed traffic on the main road and the risks of an unsealed, potholed surface on the back road.

A Project Manager for Hepburn Shire Council said that the contractor recommenced work this week and that resurfacing should be complete by the end of November.  The works will also include widening of the intersection and blind corner at Woolnoughs Road.

Local residents have also reported an increase in traffic on Back Glenlyon Road since the speed limit on the Daylesford-Malmsbury Road was reduced to 80km/h from Daylesford to Denver. Drivers appear to be taking advantage of the higher speed limit of 100km/h on the back road and the opportunity to avoid frequent police speed checks on the main road.

A council spokesman stated that council applied to Regional Roads Victoria nearly two years ago to have the speed limit reduced to 80km/h for entire length of Back Glenlyon Road. The request still sits will RRV and the Department of Transport .