An extra day of face to face library services and customer service is now available in Daylesford.

  • The new hours at the Duke Street Customer Service counter are: Tuesday and Wednesday 10am t0 5pm and Saturday 10am to 1pm.
  • For the Daylesford Library the hours are: 8.30-5 Wednesdays, Thursday and Friday .

The Hepburn Shire CEO, Evan King said this is a further step to regular pre COVID hours.

The recent outbreak in South Australia has demonstrated again demonstrated how quickly COVID can spread.

The Council continues to be careful to minimise staff working across multiple sites to minimise the risk of spreading the virus in case someone is infected.

Additional cleaning measures at each site have also been put in place.

Measures to keep the community and staff safe take additional time and money, so limits on face to face hours have to remain in place.

Mr King also said that reopening for libraries across the Shire has to be fair across different communities so hours are the same across different sites.

“If we keep seeing the fantastic run of days without any reported cases of COVID-19, we will be able to take more steps soon,” he said.

People are reminded that if you are planning to come into the Daylesford Library or Customer Service Centre, please wear a mask and maintain social distance. If you are unwell or have symptoms stay at home and telephone or use the online service instead.