Pat Kermode

There is a green house and a red house
A yellow one and blue
In Norway, Italy, Chile and Peru.

I love all the bright houses
And am so sad to say
That all the houses they build here
Are grey!!

There’s dark grey and medium,
Light grey and black,
With a little bit of blue or a timber panel
To fill in the slack.

Where are the light shiny roofs
Reflecting the sun
And the wide verandahs for shade?
There’s no accounting for our climate
And they’re not so cheaply made!

Turn on the air-con,
Turn on the heater.
Too bad about the power use,
Don’t look at your meter.

I think I need to get away
From grey and grey and grey,
Travel to the Arctic or to Peru,
See the colours
Uplift the spirit and renew
And say goodbye to grey!


Pat Kermode is an artist and poet who lives off-grid in the forest at Glenlyon.