Hepburn Wind has announced the launch of the Hepburn Shire EV bulk buy. The launch will be on next Thursday on November 5 at 7pm. You can register here

Hepburn Wind has partnered with the Good Car Company to give people in the scheme the opportunity to buy electric vehicles. 

People who are either Hepburn Wind members, live in the Hepburn Shire or live in the neighbouring shires or Ballarat, Mount Alexander, Macedon Ranges, Central Goldfields, Pyrenees and Moorabool are eligible.

The Bulk-Buy will play a central role in the Shire’s Hepburn Z-NET initiative, helping residents cut the 33% of local emissions that come from transport and contribute to the Shire’s zero-net emissions target for 2030. Other benefits include:

  • Lower fuel costs, less maintenance and lower life-time vehicle costs
  • Zero particulates and no fumes on cold mornings
  • Avoid service stations, holiday price gouging & oil wars
  • Great driving experience, fully automatic with hill start assist.

The Bulk-Buy is a 4-week programme delivered by the Good Car Company that educates participants on electric vehicle ownership, offers COVID-safe test drives and meets weekly, via zoom, to grow the local EV community and share knowledge.

The Good Car Company are offering late model Nissan Leafs with a range from 120-350km per charge.  They are also supplying the short range eNV200 commercial van.  

All vehicles are offered below normal rates, with savings in shipping and compliance passed onto to the buyer. The scheme is also passing through any savings achieved at auction to make getting an EV that much easier.  This offer includes all  standard upgrades including Japanese to English head-unit (stereo and controls), dash instruments and an Australian 10A portable charging cable, full support and warranty.

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