Tests by the Environmental Protection Agency have found contaminants in soil removed from the Midland Highway service station redevelopment site.

On Saturday three weeks ago, residents became aware of fumes coming from soil removed from the service station and deposited as landfill in a development on Table Hill Rd. The EPA responded swiftly to the possible contamination and took soil samples from piles of earth in Table Hill Rd.

Hydrocarbon (fuel or oil) contamination was found in the samples and in some piles it was at levels exceeding the limits for clean landfill. The soil is considered to be Prescribed Industrial Waste and, as such, unsuitable for residential sites.

The results of the tests were confirmed by the consultant engaged by the contractor responsible for the service station site works.

The EPA has issued a Clean Up Notice to the contactor requiring all the deposited soil to be removed and taken to an appropriate site for treatment or disposal. The EPA will oversee this process and is engaging with the owner of the Midland Hwy site and Hepburn Shire Council to ensure adequate site assessments are completed for development of the site.

Soil from the service station was also deposited at a site on the Ballan-Daylesford Rd but the samples from that site indicated that it was suitable for residential use. The EPA will confirm these results and the intended use of the soil with the property owner.

The EPA will continue to investigate potential offences against the Environment Protection Act 1970 associated with the Midland Hwy redevelopment, which may result in sanctions.