Daylesford District Community Bank has offered $35,250 in COVID-19 recovery grants to forty-six community groups.

Announcing the grant offers, Margaret Hodge, who chairs the Bank’s Community Investment Committee, highlighted the importance of assisting community groups to survive and continue adding vitality to our district after the pandemic restrictions are eased.

Margaret Hodge said, “Many local groups have not been able to operate effectively and have not been able to do their normal fundraising. Our Community Bank is owned by local shareholders who have a commitment to investing back into our community.”

The Board approved a COVID-19 Recovery funding program of up to $40,000 as part of the bank’s $120,000 Community Grants and Sponsorships program for 2020-2021.

“Letters of offer have been sent to forty-six community groups and we hope that they can all take these up. Grants can be used for ongoing or other expenses needed to resume activity,” Ms Hodge said.

Hepburn Regional Community Cheer received a $1,000 grant. Treasurer Danny Moynihan said, “I thank the Community Bank for its continued support for our Christmas Appeal to provide vouchers to low income families and pensioners. It has been a disaster of a year with little opportunity to raise funds. Every dollar will assist our community when needed most.”

Margaret Hodge added, “Many local businesses have suffered financially during the COVID-19 restrictions, so we have asked all the community groups to spend the funds locally where possible.”