The Daylesford & District Historical Society (D&DHS) is thrilled to announce that the Museum has been accredited by the Australian Museums and Galleries Association Victoria (AMGAV).

D&DHS President, Barry Files said, “This achievement represents many years of hard work by a dedicated band of volunteers.”

The Museum is 100% volunteer run and since it was established in 1964, it has evolved into an inclusive and welcoming museum. The Accreditation panel was impressed with the volunteers’ determination to operate a professional organisation and their strong focus on continual improvement, well-developed skills in collection care and preservation and engagement with the local community.

In particular, the AMGAV drew attention to the way the museum proudly represents its diverse community: “The museum brings together heritage and contemporary life through its permanent collection and temporary pop up exhibitions which respond to local events such as the ChillOut Festival and National Reconciliation Week… The museum has developed a fresh approach to exploring under-represented stories based on objects within its collection.”

The Panel commented that the new display of Dja Dja Wurrung cultural heritage “has real depth and is multi-layered in presenting both a deep reflection of complex issues and celebration of Aboriginal peoples and culture.”

The D&DHS was also commended for engaging strongly with the community to present exhibitions that complement local activities.

Frank Page, who was associated with the events celebrating W.E. Stanbridge in 2019, welcomed the tribute to the museum saying ,”The Stanbridge anniversary weekend was a special event and recognition of our very special place.  To reflect on the contribution this man made to this town and the wider Victorian community was enlightening and heartening.  From an old-fashioned perspective it’s the sort of history that every child across the community should be familiar.  The DDHS added much to the celebration of his life with their dedication to our history and commitment that is now recognised through this accreditation of the museum.”

The museum has worked very hard at ongoing improvement and in recent years has actively sought grants to complete an overhaul of all aspects of operations including major improvements to collection, storage and preservation.

To become Accredited, the museum spent 3-4 years developing procedures, policies and practices to meet recognised museum standards. It is now in a position to apply for a wider range of grants with the National Standards for Museums providing guidelines for future development.

Perhaps more importantly, the people of our district can rest assured that the museum’s collection is in safe hands.

“We look forward to welcoming the local community to the Museum as soon as we can re-open to share in the celebration,” Mr Files said.


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