Gordon Nightingale

Sometimes it’s the furry little creatures
That make our lives worthwhile.
A pussy cat playing with a ball of wool
Will make you laugh and smile.

And don’t you love a guinea pig
And their antics in the cage.
When I was just a little kid
Guinea pigs were all the rage.

Once I had a furry brown mouse.
His home was an old meat safe.
If he was let out on the floor,
Mum’s cats he would boldly chase.

He’d even come when he was called.
He was sort of my best friend.
But left once in young brothers care
He met a sorry end.

I never had a white rabbit pet,
Nor a hairy-nosed wombat,
But my favourite animal at the zoo
Is the funny furry meerkat.

But some lovely furry creatures
Are met with a horrible fate,
Being turned into coats and shawls
For lady’s vanities sake.


Gordon Nightingale is a local poet and author and the convenor of the Daylesford U3A Writers’ Group.