The online Meet the Birch Candidates Forum held on Thursday night (October 1) had over a 1400 views during and after the event. 

COVID-19 has prevented public forums for this year’s Council election. Instead the Daylesford and Hepburn Springs community had a chance to see the candidates for Birch ward in action in an online Forum. 

All six candidates for the Hepburn Shire Council election for the Birch Ward took part. Community members had the opportunity to watch live or later on the Wombat Post Facebook page. 

Here is the link to the video .

The Forum began by giving candidates the opportunity to present their candidature. 

They then took part in a discussion of six questions that covered community consultation with council, the balance between local and Shire wide priorities, the challenge of managing the budget while meeting high community expectations, priorities for the next Council plan, the balance between economic, social and environmental priorities and the impact of COVID 19. 

Candidates had and opportunity to sum up at the end of the Forum.

The Forum was supported by the Wombat Post Editorial Team and Chris Whyte from Hepburn Council who provided invaluable technical assistance and advice.