Jude Brown

I come in different shapes and sizes
My dust in bags are modern surprises
I can be green or black or weak or strong
Everyone has tea that is wrong
I’m grown on slopes in sunny climes
even England now, my tips are fine
The tourists there with open mouths
Look at my growth in Cornwall’s south
My tips are best when I’m young and tender
I can cure all manner of ills post-bender.
Wars have been fought to ensure supply
I’m traded now and prices are high.
The pickers are poor with methods passed on
To gather my best, usually with song
I’ve listened to lives poured out in reflection
I can sooth a soul or stimulate affection.
I’ve been brewed and stewed and steeped too long
BUT know that fresh tea can never be wrong
as long as the water is hot and boiling,
the cups are warmed and the pot is calling
I sit and wait till I’m wet right through
And love to hear “she’s a good brew”
Darjeeling, Earl Grey China and Ceylon,
Black or white or weak or strong
I know for a fact whether chai end or straight
I bring together, joys and weight
Issues need time when the soul’s in decline
The outcomes for good ARE MOST SURELY MINE.

Jude Brown is former secretary supreme of the U3A Writers Group.