The conflict over the Design Development Overlay (DDO6) for the Daylesford Tip looks like it has been settled.

Council officers have now recommended that DDO6 be abandoned, “until further technical work has been completed on the amenity impacts of the transfer station, to determine the extent of the buffer and to confirm revisions made to the proposed DDO6 Schedule which respond appropriately to the submissions received”

Council will consider the recommendation to abandon (withdraw) the DDO6 at its meeting on Tuesday night. It is anticipated that the recommendation will pass.

The overlay proposes a 5oo metre buffer around the Material Recovery Facility (which now closed). It would prevent subdivisions, building on vacant land, rebuilding and renovation of existing properties and impose new fencing requirements.

Current residents are concerned that the buffer restrictions would have serious negative impact on the enjoyment and use of their properties and reduce property values.

They argue that Council has not produced any evidence of risks that would justify the introduction of the buffer. They also point out that the impact of the buffer restrictions on existing residents has not been properly considered.

Residents formed a group to lobby for the withdrawal of the DDO6. They have run a well organised campaign of community information and engagement, media appearances and meetings with councillors and Shire officers.

If the DDO6 is withdrawn at next Tuesday’s meeting, as anticipated, Council believes it is likely there will be further consideration of appropriate conditions for development around the Daylesford Tip as part  some technical work on the various risks associated with the site. It is likely residents will want any further work to be part of a broader waste management strategy for the Shire.