Victor Szwed

It is nice to be experiencing some spring weather, particularly during the COVID-19 restrictions. Our fruit trees are budding with some starting to flower. It is inspirational coming out of winter, though we are likely to see some cold days ahead.

During August, Daylesford had around 110mm of rain spread across the month. Our total rainfall so far this year is 643mm, nicely above the long-term average of 601mm.

The Bureau of Meteorology is forecasting drier conditions for the first three weeks of September followed by wetter than normal conditions for October through to December. They state that La Nina conditions are continuing to develop. La Nina leads to wetter than average conditions.

This is welcome news for the eastern two thirds of Australia where serious drought conditions had been affecting many communities over recent years. With major economic challenges affecting Australia, decent rains should assist many farming and agricultural communities. Western Australia is anticipated to experience drier conditions.

2020 cumulative rainfall (blue) is above the long term average (orange).

Spring days and nights are anticipated to be warmer than average for most of Australia. This is likely to flow on to us in our own special part of Victoria.

Gardeners should be getting their plots ready for summer crops and hopefully won’t have to water them as much. Rain plus warmer conditions equals rapidly growing lawns and weeds.