The Premier, Daniel Andrews has announced sweeping new restrictions to combat rising COVID-19 infections in Melbourne and regionally. 760 of the infections are now from unknown ‘mystery’ community sources.

As a result, from Wednesday at 11.59 pm Daylesford and Hepburn will go to stage three stay at home restrictions along with the rest of regional Victoria. That means the only reasons for being outside the home will be medical and care giving needs, shopping, working, or exercise. Otherwise people should be at home.

Mask wearing is mandatory when people are out of home from Monday.

All schools will move back to flexible (remote) learning from Wednesday for all of Victoria including Daylesford and Hepburn Springs. Children can continue to go to school where they have parents who cannot work from home. Current schooling arrangements will apply on Monday. There will be a pupil free day on Tuesday.

In regional areas, only takeaway meals will be allowed from Wednesday. Holiday travel and social visits will no longer be permitted.

Melbourne will go to even tougher restrictions. From 6 pm tonight people are only allowed to be within 5km of home during the day. There will be a curfew from 8 pm to 5am every day. People will only be allowed out for work or caregiving and medical reasons.

People in Melbourne and the Mitchell Shire will only be allowed out during the day to go shopping for essential reasons or for one hour of outside exercise. Only one person from each household is allowed to go shopping at a time and exercise is restricted to two people at a time (with exceptions for children who need to be supervised).

Food and grocery shops will remain open as usual.

The Premier has indicated that he will make more announcements about work related restrictions tomorrow. It is expected a number of workplaces in Melbourne will be affected.

On the spot fines of $1652 apply to anyone breaking the rules.

The Premier said that if tougher restrictions were not put in place now it would take to the end of the year to get the infection rate under control.

The new restrictions will be in place for 6 weeks until the 13th of September. Job keeper and Job seeker arrangements will remain in place until the end of September.