Jude Brown

Our one -word topics give pleasure galore
We have worked out ourselves that less is more
There is wit and style and creative flair
As we sit around that table and share
Death, chance, breath, bird, opposition, or strife
For two weeks that ‘one word takes on its own life
The poem or tale is always a gift
When read aloud it creates a shift
Sometimes we are stunned and feel the surprise
That exploring one word so often gives rise
To such vastly different aspects of life
Our spirits soar and camaraderie is rife.

With warm and many, many grateful and joyful thanks.  Come back soon.



A Tribute to Jude and Millie, Creators and Mentors of Daylesford U3A Writers Group

If Millie is the creative force behind our writing circle, it is Jude who made it work with emails, information and reminders. She kept the attendance records for U3A and has been the “go to” person.

Millie and Jude have given a great gift to those who came together around the large dining table at the Coach House, and at Christmas on the balcony overlooking the lake.  They made it such fun – stimulating afternoons sharing writings with laughter, support and awe. Chatter was held until the end and flowed over coffee nearby.

Covid-19 restrictions have sadly moved meetings to Zoom. Coincidently the pair wished to pull back and pass the baton into the enthusiastic hands of Gordon Nightingale, pushing on with diminished attendance until this thing is tamed.

Warm and grateful thanks to you two for your ongoing great gift.


(Editor’s note: The Wombat Post is grateful to the U3A Writers Group for their many contributions to the Stories and Poetry section of this publication.)